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Welcome to Sea Sponge Services, LLC  Janitorial Services. We provide professional janitorial services in Southern New Hampshire. We specialize in Janitorial Services. Our cleaning rates are calculated flat fee or per square foot to make it as efficient as possible to provide you efficient quotes. All cleaning prices include detail-clean rotations and routine site inspections to ensure your peace of mind. We only hire the best cleaners and offer Janitorial Services to a broad range of businesses.

Being employed in a clean environment is necessary today. Germs in our immediate environment cause most of the infections and diseases people contract. While regular cleaning can be helpful, it is advisable to contact a professional Janitorial Services local business offering these services near you. The businesses providing these services are numerous, and you need to analyze your options thoroughly when trying to get the right one for you.

Sea Sponge Services, LLC, a fully bonded, insured and licensed Janitorial Services company, that has established a good reputation in the Janitorial Services industry. With years of experience, our team of cleaners is skilled at carrying out proper sanitation of offices, banks and medical offices.

We will always offer you the best commercial cleaning top-quality standards at the best price. We promise to only use cleaning products which have been proven to be effective.

We will clean before your business opens, during business hours or after closing based on your specifications. However, we prefer to perform the Janitorial Services outside of your business hours in order to not  interrupt your business.

Call us at 603-233-9708 and we will put together a specific cleaning quote for your business. Once we complete the initial inspection of your office, within 48 hours we can provide a customized detailed Janitorial Services proposal that is guaranteed for 30 days.

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