Sea Sponge Services Commercial Cleaning For Medical Centers

The cleaning services required by medical professionals for their clinics, laboratories and other medical facilities go beyond the usual janitorial services that include sweeping, dusting, and scrubbing offered by typical commercial cleaning companies these days. With Sea Sponge Services Commercial Cleaning around, medical professionals like dentists and doctors no longer have to worry about finding the right cleaning company to clean their offices and testing laboratories.

Sea Sponge Services, LLC, a fully insured, licensed, and bonded company, has established a good reputation in the commercial cleaning industry. With several years of experience, our team of cleaners is skilled at carrying out proper sanitation of examination and treatment rooms, reception areas, medical centers and more.

Why Trust Sea Sponge Services, LLC:

  1. We respect our client’s privacy and adhere to strict confidentiality when working around sensitive personal medical files.
  2. We abide by the required security clearance checks particularly in medical facilities that hold medical drugs and supplies.
  3. We are very careful when cleaning around costly medical equipment.
  4. We are familiar with the proper methods needed to effectively clean specialized medical equipment.
  5. We clean every inch, nook and cranny of the medical facility.
  6. We make sure that your premises are kept clean and fresh looking.
  7. Orientation, education, and training of new cleaners
  8. Continuous education and training for all existing cleaning staff.
  9. Regular review of cleaning and sanitizing procedures
  10. We follow the requirements set in place by the Occupational Health and Safety Act or OHSA and other similar regulations

Book Our Medical Cleaning Services Now!

We understand that medical offices have different cleaning needs and that is why we developed a unique cleaning schedule for each of our clients. We will visit your office, discuss your cleaning requirements, thoroughly check your building, equipment, as well as furnishings. We take note of the kind of medical business you are running, your business hours, as well as other logistical aspects. We use all the information that we gather in coming up with a customized cleaning plan, schedule, and quote for you. Furthermore, we use all natural cleaning solutions to avoid causing or further complicating the current health condition of your patients and medical staff.

Our team of cleaners are focused on keeping your facility clean, fresh, and sparkling. Call us now if you wish to know more about the medical and dental cleaning services that we offer.

Sea Sponge Services LLC
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